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First thing first that you need to be clear about is that concrete is not cement. Concrete and cement are two different things. Cement is one of the ingredients of concrete whereas concrete is simply a mixture of different ingredients like sand, cement, water and gravel. At All Jobs Construction we do the best quality concrete work in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas. Here a few things you should know about concrete work:

  1. Modern Concrete: The modern type of concrete has four basic ingredients. They are sand, water, gravel and portland cement.
  2. Hydration: Hydration is a process in which the hydraulic cement reacts with the water in a chemical process. So concrete even when placed underwater will change its form from liquid state to solid state attaining full strength.
  3. Hiring a concrete work contractor: Before hiring a concrete work contractor always do your research about the experience they have had. Customer feedback is another important aspect you need to look into.
  4. Insurance: Always make sure that the contractors are insured so that you don’t have to compromise on the finish of the concrete work.
  5. Pricing: Ask around and compare the cost for the concrete work you want to complete. Although you should also consider the things discussed above as you don’t want to get a poor quality work for the money you pay.

We do all types of commercial & residential concrete work eg: Concrete Foundation, Reinforced Concrete, Concrete Patterns, Concrete Homes, Concrete Pavers, Concrete Coring, Concrete Piers, etc.

Finding the best concrete work contractor can be a very complicated process. But with All Jobs Construction you will have to look no further. Over the years of our service that started in 2002, we have been able to collect a team of highly trained and experienced professionals from all around the Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding area. Our team at All Jobs construction will look into your every need when it comes to concrete work and give you the best quote after analyzing the type of work that needs to be done. So if you are from Phoenix, AZ or anywhere in the surrounding area then call us today to schedule an appointment with All Jobs Construction and leave the rest to us.

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